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Current dashboard lacks actionable insights

As the product landing screen, Lacework's dashboard currently provides little value to users. To retain and attract enterprise customers, we need a dashboard that provides actionable insights. As the lead designer on data visualization and interaction, I collaborated with another designer to redesign the dashboard.


Cross-functional impact & tight timeline

  • Complex project impacts multiple teams, including sales and marketing, who value certain features that are not useful for users.

  • Feasibility limits integrating risk scores which are critical for prioritizing risks.

  • MVP design time limited to 4 weeks.


Key persona & their goal

Through 5 customer interviews and 3 internal research, we found that our intended users (security analyst and security manager) want to use a dashboard to prioritize their work and understand the risk level of the environment. We also found that dashboards are critical to the internal sales/marketing team.


Serve manager first & update sales animation

  • As security managers are the Lacework product buying decision makers and analysts’ main needs have been met by other features in Lacework, we decide to focus on the manager first to prioritize risks and assess team performance.

  • While animation provides little value to customers, we want to balance sales & marketing needs and provide an updated design to support product sales.


Enhance risk visibility and assessment

  • Implement interactive heatmap for risk environment visibility.

  • Provide context for risk assessment with trend and top risks list.


Real-time risk awareness

  • Provide an intelligent news center that links ongoing security breaches with potential risks in users' current environment.


Update the animation

  • Improve value proposition animation to support sales/marketing storytelling and enhance dashboard performance by moving the screen to settings.