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Outfit Club


Explore Styles & Ideal Outfits Easily with Your Avatar

Abby Gao

Luna Chen

Feb. - May 2021

User Research, Product Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design

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The Challenge

Customers find it difficult to buy an ideal dress online

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“Why does it look so different on me!”

"Which one should I purchase?"

Shopping for outfits online should be an inspiring and fun process. But without a proper tool, they may not be able to find ideal outfits even after spending lots of time, money, and energy.

Why is it difficult?

Pain point 1

Uncertain about how it will look on them

“What I bought ended up looks so different from what I imagined.”


-- Lucy

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Pain point 2

Clothes purchased online don't fit the individual's figure

“I hope this dress could be a little bit shorter and available in other colors”


-- Gigon

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Pain point 3

Too many options but nothing looks exactly like what I want

“What frustrates me most is that I spend long time finally find one, then it doesn’t have my size”


-- Jenny

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Enjoy online shopping with your avatar

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Imagine this is you for now 😉

See Yourself on Every Post

See an exciting new style, but not sure how it looks on yourself? 
your face can be shown on all the posts that you browse through. 

Clothing size data from manufacturers and AI-backed image manipulation will guarantee that the sizes of the clothes are accurate to your figure.

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Tailor Try-On with Avatar

Wish the clothes you just found is available in another color or is a bit longer? You can customize the color, size, and cut and fit it the way you want in your virtual try-on room.

The outfit you customized in the try-on room will be used by the image search engine to find the perfect clothes for you.

Images as Shopping Filters

Finding an ideal outfit may cause a headache after comparing the price, checking for availability, and getting an estimated delivery time. With Outfit Club, you just need a few clicks.

By connecting to numerous shopping websites and brands stores, outfit club can do all the searches with just a click and give you the best options that you can purchase instantly.

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Understand the current broken online shopping experience


Who is affected?

Young Buyers Aged 18 to 34

(Millennials + Gen Z)

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Customers’ Top 3 concerns

  1. How the clothes will look on themselves

  2. How unique/customized are their looks

  3. If they are shopping for the best deal online


Fashion Influencer & Outfit Retailers

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only reach limited audience when followers can’t relate their body shapes and lifestyles


lose direct customer feedbacks & get more returns when customers can’t shop online smoothly

Target User Persona

Frame 294.jpg

The existing online shopping experience

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Evaluation pain causes purchase hesitation

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Compare to in-store shopping, current online shopping is hard for users to make alternative evaluations due to the missing experience of touching the materials and trying on clothes in person.

Key Insights

Alternative evaluation is complicated

Influencers have different body shapes and try-on scenarios

Users need outfits that adapts to their unique body shape

It’s hard to search outfits visually with text-based filters

Opportunities on alternative evaluation

HMW help online shoppers visualize the try-on looks?

HMW help customers evaluate if outfits fit their body shape?

HMW help customers find ideal clothes more efficiently?


Reinvent digital shopping experience 


Top Ideas

Frame 303.jpg

Outfit Club shopping experience

Frame 304.jpg

Technical Feasibility Exploration

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Frame 296.jpg

Critical User Journey

Final Design & Iteration

A Highly Personalized Digital Shopping Experience


Exploratory Shopping

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Onboarding: Building Avatar

Building an avatar with presets of face, body shape, and style to allow users to jump into the core experience quickly

Frame 297.jpg

Simplify Avatar Building

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Browse with Your Avatar

For shoppers searching for new ideas, they can replace influencers posts with their avatar to better see the look

Frame 298.jpg
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Screen Shot 2021-06-20 at 11.17.35 PM.png

Show Avatar in the Feed

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Feed 1.gif
Feed 2.gif
Feed 3.gif

Add Try-on Bag for Browsing

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User Feedback & Improvement

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Tailor Try-on with Avatar

For shoppers trying to find a specific look, they can customize the look in try-on and search with the image

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Emphasize Try-on Affordance

Frame 308.jpg

With design & business background, we tried to emphasize the user needs, aesthetics quality, and business success together. We are thrilled to see the problem in online try-on can develop into an exciting product. If there was more time, we want to work more with engineers and business analysts to develop a product that benefits multiple stakeholders.

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Business Success


Exploratory & Goal-oriented Shoppers

Based on buying behaviors research, the target user can be further divided into exploratory shoppers vs. goal-oriented shoppers. Given the time constraints, we focused on exploratory shoppers because they are more likely to hesitate in purchasing. For goal-oriented shoppers, recommendations based on specific scenarios would be more useful. With further user testing, I’m sure we will be able to serve both user groups.

More User Testing

We did 4 rounds of user tests before we wrapped up in May and I learned so much from users to make the online shopping experience better. If we had more time, I would definitely do more user testings with male users in our high-fidelity prototypes to collect feedback from a broader audience.

Business User Dashboard

After our research on stakeholders, we came up with the idea to provide customer shopping data to fashion retailers for business insights. For the to-B part of Outfit Club, we imagine a business data dashboard to visualize the data for retailers. We didn't start this to-B part due to time constraints, but this would be a good start for the future development of Outfit Club.

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